Deposite on Croc order?

  1. I was just wondering when placing an order for a croc birkin, will you need to pay a deposite? or just pay when it arrives?
  2. Hi sorry I am not sure , when I went to Hermes bond st a few weeks ago there book was closed for exotics for two years
    but am sure it varies worldwide
  3. No deposit required. Just a big lump payment when she arrives !

  4. Ditto! The boutique never requires a deposit even for regular leather birkins. Prices may have increased by the time you receive it and then you get the sticker shock! :wtf: heh!

    Same with bag spa treatments. I recently brought in an older rouge vif kelly in gulliver. About 10 years old, will find out what kind of magic they will do. The boutique in NYC also refuse to say how much it will cost or charge the card at this point. We'll see how much the "damage" is in about 4 weeks!
  5. Yep no deposit!