Deposit from buyer?

  1. I have a potential buyer that needs a few extra days to pay. Is it allowable/reasonable to ask that a good faith deposit be made? :confused1: Member has 100% feedback with about 50 transactions.

    My gut says no...but I need some other opinions. :smile:
  2. I wouldn't have a problem with being asked for a deposit if I were your buyer.

    I once saw a bag I badly wanted, and put a snipe bid in on it and completely forgot about it. Over the course of the week, things exploded in my personal life and I found out I was moving out of my (shared) apartment and had nowhere to go. When I got the email saying I'd won the auction, I felt sick - I'd completely forgotten about it.

    The seller was really understanding and let me pay her half upfront and half about three weeks later.

    Anyway, my point is that I think your buyer is fine - at least she's asking you in advance of winning, rather than after!
  3. Very true! Thanks!

    What would be the best way to receive the deposit? I'm not sure if Paypal will let them pay less than what the auction stated was owed.
  4. If she needs more than 3 days to pay, I think I would definitely ask for a deposit.

    I think she can just paypal you via "send money" option that doesn't go through the eBay link.. and when she pay you the rest, you can discount it for her...