Deposit for Special Order?

  1. Does anybody have heard of putting a deposit on a special order? I was thinking of putting a special order on a tri-color kelly, and my SA told me that I have to put a deposit of around $2000. I wouldn't mind doing that, but is there such practices for Hermes bag? I didn't recall anybody putting a deposit when ordering a Hermes bag, but I may be wrong.
  2. Hello! Congrats on putting an order in! My girlfriend just put an order in for a crocodile bag and she, too, had to put a deposit down. I did not ask how much but I know she put something down.
  3. That's interesting because I never had to put a deposit down.
  4. With my mom's and my experience, it looks like Hermes in department store (such as Neimanmarcus, Richards, Cuffs...etc.)ask for deposit of ~$2000 and up- deposit varies depends on leather. Other regular(?) Hermes do not take deposits. I don't know why...
  5. I never had to put a deposit on either my Birkin or Kelly order, SA said not neccessary.
  6. Varies by store.
  7. Not in my store.
  8. Now I understand why.. I ordered it from Cuffs, but that means the bag is certainly going to be mine. And they ordered it for me, which means the bag is made only for me! ;)

    If only they can write "From Hermes, to *wellow*" somewhere inside the bag :biggrin:
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    That would be too cute.
  10. For $2000, I would give them money to know I am having made the exact bag that my heart desires. Lucky for you.
  11. I didn't know that this was done. I must call my sa in the morning
  12. according to my sa you just have to put down a deposit if you are not that well known inthe shop or for an outstanding unusual colour combo (cause they are afraid of having it on the shelf for a long timeif you do not take it) and of course for the diamond hardware :flowers:

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  13. I agree w/ the rest, it does vary by store.
  14. Welcome lilach! :smile:

    You are totally right. It varies by store and they only take deposits for orders that are really rare (e.g. tri-color combinations). My SA says they don't worry about orders that have been placed and then turned down (when the bag arrives) because somebody else will probably snatch it in an instant once they put it up on the shelf!