Department Stores that carry Tokidoki?!

  1. Can everyone just list out all the specific department stores (Macys, Bloomies, Nords, etc) that carry tokidoki bags? Including the city and state would be mucho helpful! Thanks gals! Any state in the US!

    I think this may be helpful for all of us crazed fans in the nation...

    I already know of these...

    Macy's & Nordstrom: Valley Fair (Santa Clara, CA)
    Macy's & Nordstrom: Stoneridge (Pleasanton, CA)
    Macy's & Bloomies: Stanford (Palo Alto, CA)
    Macy's: Hillsdale mall (San Mateo, CA)
    Macy's, Nords, Bloomie's: Union Square (San Francisco, CA)
  2. Solano Mall Macy's Fairfield, CA
    Sun Valley Mall Macys' Concord, CA
  3. Does anybody know any in TN??
  4. Macys - Herald Square, NY
    Bloomingdales - Soho, NY
    Macys/Nordstrom - Garden State Plaza, NJ *(I cant remember which one has tokidoki, but i'm sure at least one of them carry tokidokis)
  5. Macy's Park Meadows Mall - Denver
  6. Macys Broadway Plaza (Walnut Creek, CA)
  7. These are the one's I've visited...

    Macy's at South Coast Plaza- Costa Mesa, CA
    Nordstroms at South Coast Plaza- Costa Mesa, CA
    Macy's at the Irvine Spectrum- Irvine, CA
    Macy's at Fashion Island- Newport, CA
    Macy's at the Main Place- Santa Ana, CA
    Macy's at the Temecula Promanade- Temecula, CA
    Macy's at the El Camino Real Mall- Carlsbad, CA

    There are more in southern california that I haven't visited yet :sweatdrop:
  8. More SoCal locations:
    Macy's Westfield Santa Anita (Arcadia, CA) - only have Notte, Arancia and Fumo left (don't remember what styles)
    Macy's Glendale Galleria (Glendale, CA) - have Adios Star (don't remember what styles) and Pirata (mamma mia and canguro)
    Nordstrom Westfield Topanga (Canoga Park, CA)
    Macy's Pasadena (Pasadena, CA) - only have one Pirata canguro left.

    Inventory as of week of 3/12 - 3/18
  9. Macy's Valencia, CA - have Fumo, Adios and some Pirata
    Macy's Santa Barbara, CA (Paseo Nuevo) - Arancia, Citta, Citta rose on sale

    Nordstrom at the Grove in CA - Adios, Pirata, Citta, Black
    Nordstrom Santa Barbara, CA (Paseo Nuevo) - Foresta, Pirata, Black

    Macy's in Ventura and Santa Barbara, CA (Le Cumbre Plaza DO NOT CARRY tokidoki.
  10. Thanks everyone! I've emailed Macys a few times and their customer service is absolutely horrible! They keep sending me generic response emails and don't answer my question directly! I believe there is no human working in customer service! Just computers!
  11. would you happen to know what kind of foresta styles they have?? thanks :biggrin:
  12. no there was only one or two and I can't remember. YOu can callnordstrom and they'll tell you. :smile:

    the nord at the grove had one foresta denaro.
  13. In Seattle, WA:

    Macy's, downtown
    Nordstrom, downtown
    Nordstrom, Northgate Mall
    Nordstrom, Alderwood Mall (Lynnwood)
    Nordstrom, Southcentre Mall (Tacoma)
  14. Blaaah this makes me wish I lived near a Department Store that sold Toki :p I'm an hour from Woodbury, though, so that's pretty swell~
  15. The macy*s at Fairfield has I believe...( I was just there earlier today)

    A few ciao ciao fumo's
    Pirarta print bags (gioco, ciao ciao, bambione, bella, buon viaggo)
    ONE foresta portatelefono
    a few adios print bags...

    The SA said that they're a big hit and they can't seem to keep them on the shelves.. they keep going!!! But she says they get a shipment in 2 weeks.. maybe the amore print is coming in!!!!! =D