Department Stores and Bottegas

  1. Hi all, I thought to start a thread where everyone can list which dept store locations carry BV's from their knowledge (also if there any SA's you'd like to recommend). Thought it would be a good reference, since many stores have different buyers, and also come sale season everyone's deals are different.

    I'll start:

    Nordstrom SEATTLE DOWNTOWN Seattle, WA (Preston, Amy)
    Nordstrom MALL OF AMERICA Bloomington, MN
    BERGDORF GOODMAN New York, NY (John)
    Neiman Marcus FASHION ISLAND Newport Beach, CA (small selection)
    Neiman Marcus SCOTTSDALE Scottsdale, AZ (Nancy)

    By the way... anyone know of any good Saks that has BV in store? Thanks...
  2. Saks and Neiman's on Michigan Ave in Chicago both carry BV. So does Barney's in Chicago (on Oak St). The Saks has a special dedicated area. I think their selection is better, but it's still mostly pretty conservative (lots of ebano and black). Neiman's has more knot bags.
  3. Saks in Atlanta
    Neimans Atlanta
    Neimans King of Prussia
    Corsa Collection Las Vegas
    There is handbag shop in the Wynn Las Vegas - can't think of the name
    Neimans Las Vegas
    Saks Beverly Hills
    Neimans Beverly Hills
  4. Neiman Marcus in Tyson's Galleria (McLean, Virginia)
    Saks Fifth Avenue (Chevy Chase, Maryland)
  5. Neiman Marcus, Union Square, San Francisco
    Nordstroms, Corte Madera, California
  6. Neiman Marcus at Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, CA
  7. Wow, this is such helpful detail. Thanks!
  8. Neiman Marcus, Chevy Chase, MD/Mazza Galleria
  9. Bob Ellis in South Carolina
  10. Neiman's - White Plains, NY
  11. Printemps in Paris
  12. Saks in San Antonio, TX...but they don't display their bags, have to ask SA to show you bags from the back. Go figure! I saw one BV on the sale table and almost fell over in surprise, and when I asked the SA if they were carrying BV from now on, she said yes but they have no display space on the floor except when the bags go on sale. Seems an odd way to sell a high end bag.
  13. Saks in Troy, MI
  14. *bump*

    anyone know of a BV SA at Saks? I want to take advantage of the F&F coming up this weekend to get a black medium veneta for work and would like to check if BV is included. i've heard conflicting reports!
  15. Saks in Greenwich, CT -- but I warn you those SAs are not knowledgeable at all about BV.