Department store marks on bag

  1. I've noticed that a lot of Coach bags for sale on eBay that are listed as NWT or NWOT indicate that there is a black (diagonal) line marked inside zipper compartment of bag to prevent fraudulent department store returns. I've never seen this before? Are these marks that the department stores put on the bags or do the eBay sellers put them on the bags? What do they look like? Would it prevent anyone here from buying the bag? I
  2. It's done by the stores. They either do it before they ship the stuff out to their outlet/discount stores (e.g. Neiman Marcus last call, off fifth) or at the outlets.
    eBay sellers would never put those marks on deliberately, as it devalues the product (people know it's from a discount store then and bid accordingly). I personally would not be opposed to buying anything w/ the marks if I get a good deal. But as the mark lowers the resale value, I would bid accordingly.
  3. At least they are up-front about the marks. I bid and won a bag with a mark that wasn't disclosed and had to fight tooth and nail for a refund, as I never would have bid what I did had the mark been disclosed.

    Yes, I would bid on such a bag provided the price was low enough. I do not know whether the mark voids the warranty, but you might want to check on that in the Coach forum before bidding on anything.
  4. I think you guys are right. This was a mark made by the store before it was shipped out to an outlet/discount store. And, I think it's great that the seller was upfront about the mark. I'm just really picky about my bags. And, even though the mark can't be seen unless you open the bag, unzip the inner pocket and look inside - I don't think I would be happy with a "marked" bag... unless the price was just way too good to pass up.;)
  5. I think if its marked and sent to a outlet or discount store then it would void the warranty on it..but im not a 100% sure.