Department Store Class Cosmetics Distribution Begins Today

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  1. If you qualify for the class below, beginning today the distribution begins - see below for more info.

    In re Cosmetics Cases
    (Azizian, et al. v. Federated Department Stores, Inc., et al.,
    Docket No. 4:03-CV-03359-SBA)

    (updated as of December 1, 2008)

    As part of a class action settlement, $175 million worth of free cosmetics products will be distributed to members of the class (see below to determine whether you are a member of the class) for a maximum of seven days, while supplies last, on a first come, first served basis, beginning on January 20, 2009. No rainchecks will be issued. The products will be distributed at stores owned by the Retailer Defendants (see list immediately below).
    The stores owned by the Retailer Defendants that will be participating in the settlement product distribution are the following:

    A class member will be eligible to receive, while supplies last, a maximum of ONE free cosmetics product from one of the Manufacturer Defendants from which he or she purchased Department Store Cosmetics<sup>1</sup> during the class period, May 29, 1994 through July 16, 2003, from the list of products below. If a class member has only purchased products, during the class period, from one of the Manufacturer Defendants listed below, then that class member is only entitled to receive a free product from that Manufacturer Defendant. If a class member has purchased products, during the class period, from multiple Manufacturer Defendants, then that class member must choose the ONE free product he or she wishes to claim from one of those Manufacturer Defendants. Again, these products are only available while supplies last, and no rainchecks will be issued. If your store has run out of settlement products from the Manufacturer Defendant(s) from which you have previously purchased Department Store Cosmetics during the class period, then you may claim a product (again, while supplies last) from another Manufacturer Defendant.
    The following is a list of the Manufacturer Defendants and their products that will be distributed, while supplies last, through the stores listed above:

    • Boucheron (USA) Ltd.:

      Femme Eau de Toilette (1 ounce/30 ml)
    • Chanel, Inc.:

      Coco Mademoiselle body lotion (3.4 fluid oz)
    • Christian Dior Perfumes, Inc.:

      J’Adore Eau de Parfum (15 ml)
    • Clarins U.S.A., Inc. (customers will have a choice of ONE of two products, while supplies last):

      Clarins Energizing Morning Cream (30 ml) OR

      Clarins Beauty Flash Bomb (30 ml)
    • Conopco, Inc. (distributed by Coty, Inc. on behalf of Conopco, Inc.) (customers will have a choice of ONE of three products, while supplies last):

      Calvin Klein Euphoria Bath and Shower Crème (6.7 oz)


      Vera Wang Princess Body Polish (5 oz)


      Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker Shower Gel (6.7 oz)
    • The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. (customers will have a choice of ONE of two products, while supplies last):

      Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair (15 ml/0.5 oz)


      Clinique Moisture Surge (30 ml/1 oz)
    • Guerlain, Inc.:

      My Insolence Eau de Toilette (15 ml)
    • L’Oréal USA, Inc. (formerly known as Cosmair, Inc.) (customers will have a choice of ONE of eight products, while supplies last):

      Lancôme UV Expert 20


      Lancôme Cils Design Pro Mascara


      Lancôme Fatale Mascara


      Lancôme Courbe Virtuose Mascara


      Lancôme Primordial Skin Defense


      Ralph Lauren Romance Shower Gel (6.7 oz.)


      Giorgio Armani ACM Shower Gel (6.7 oz)


      Lancôme Hypnôse Shower Gel
    • Parfums Givenchy, Inc.:

      Very Irresistible Givenchy Eau de Toilette (15 ml)
    These are the only products that will be distributed, while supplies last, as part of the settlement product distribution. Not all products are available in all stores; rather, stores will be distributing products from the participating brands that the particular store ordinarily sells.

    <hr style="color: black;">For more information, visit
  2. Oh man, didn't see that, sorry guys for the repeat.
  3. Has anyone gone yet?

    I plan on going this evening when I get off work. I know it said 7 days "or until supplies run out" - but I don't want to miss out.
  4. Shoot, I planned on going after work today. I hope they have some stuff left. :sad:
  5. pmburk: check out the other thread i posted, some ladies went and got stuffs
  6. I just received this explaining the lawsuit....

    Cosmetics Settlement Could Mean Free Makeup

    Cosmetic Business Sued For Price Fixing

    The settlement of a lawsuit in California could mean some free name-brand makeup for women all across the country.
    [​IMG] Under the agreement, a customer would not have to buy anything and would not need a voucher or coupon. They would only have to show up when the giveaway is announced.
    Daniel Mogin, the attorney for the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, accused cosmetic manufacturers and retailers of conspiring to keep prices artificially high.
    "There were no discounts anywhere in the country, not by as much as a penny. It didn't matter what store you went into; it didn't matter what state you were in," Mogin said. "We've got an old-fashioned price fix, and that's how we allege the antitrust and consumer protection laws were violated."
    The defendants in the case denied any wrongdoing and said they agreed to the settlement to avoid costly litigation.
    A hearing for the settlement's final approval is scheduled for June 8. If a judge approves it, $175 million worth of cosmetics would be given away at department store counters on a first-come, first-served basis. Consumers would be able to request one free item worth between $18 and $25.
    To qualify for the giveaway, a person must live in the United States and have purchased a cosmetic on the settlement list made or sold by the defendants between May 29, 1994, and July 16, 2003. Some of the retailers among the defendants include Foley's, Dillard's, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's, and Neiman Marcus. Manufacturers include Clinique, Estee Lauder, Chanel, M.A.C., and L'Oreal.
    To see the entire list and find out more about the settlement, visit the Web site