deos anyone own a steamer bag?

  1. I love the look of this bag although I won;t be buying it because I dont like mono. Does anyone have one? care to show pics? also, how do you use it? only have pcis of the front but I'm curious to see it from all angles
    lv steamer.jpg
  2. Yes, I have a Centenaire Steamer to go with my Centenaire Backpack. Its a great bag to throw jeans/t-shirts for a quick weekend get-a-way:yes:
  3. ^^ cute. Is it like a keepall then?
  4. I guess you could say that- just a different shape. The Steamer Bag was designed to be kept inside LV Luggage Trunks
  5. I love that!
  6. Does it store flat, so you can put it in your suitcase? I would love that on long trips, when you know you'll need extra room on the way back:graucho:
  7. The steamer kind of reminds me of a milk carton!
  8. LOL!! I never thought of that.....

    Twinkle- yes, you can flatten it out for storage in your luggage...
  9. Oh wow, and it's damier too! :smile: I guess it was limied edition. Was "centenaire" for the 100th anniversary?
  10. Would you go steamer over the Cruiser 45, which I personally love to death. Cute and a great long weekend bag.
  11. It is sooo gorgeous!!!
  12. I would love to have them both!! The cruiser looks a bit smaller than the steamer which is why I probably would go with the steamer one bag for everything.

    Post a pic of your cruiser I would love to see it...

    Yes, the centenaire was the 100th anniversary of LV:flowers:.

  13. this thread is so informative. you learn something new everyday. :smile:
  14. Cute, but oddly shaped.
  15. damier with vachetta... my main weakness!!!!! :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: