1. Does anyone know of a good deodorant that does that does not leave any white marks? I am tired ruining my clothes. :mad:
  2. cacharel by anaiis (sp?) spray on deoderant is the BEST! they also have a roll on one which doesnt leave any whitemarks at mom has been using them for 20 years and shes gotten me to use them as well lol...theyre rather hard to find in the states though...unless u order it off of a european also a washingtonian ;)
  3. Stupid question but are they good at stopping sweating also? I've heard of them before and seen them but in Az, it gets hot so I've been looking at something to use for that also???
  4. No-- I haven't found one yet that doesn't-- however a sales lady once showed me a neat trick- the grey padding stuff that is on some hangers will remove the white deodorant marks by just rubbing.
  5. Mitchum Unscented Clear Gel. Works forever too!
  6. Ooooooo, that's a good trick! I'll have to use that trick one day!
  7. Thanks and hello neighbor!
  8. LUSH sells fantastic deodorant, it's not an antiperspirant (which i think is a good thing: aluminum boo!) - it doesn't leave marks on my clothes and smells fantastic. the only thing is that you have to apply it with your fingers but i got used to that a long time ago and would never give it up.
  9. There is this stuff called "Drysol" in the states you need a prescription, (in Canada you don't) anyways you put it on at night before you go to bed (it smells and itches) lol BUT! hahah it works really well to stop sweating during the daytime. I think at first you put it on three nights in a row, and then once a week. Its about $15.00 I think.
  10. I love Kiehl's deodorant. Never had a problem with it. I'm glad that you care about deodorant....sometimes, it seems like people on the Metro forget to wear it (seeing how I always manage to catch a 4-car train on the way home, and end up sandwiched between really tall people and my face directly in armpits :sad: ).
  11. Drysol irritates my skin so much, it makes it so itchy, can't stand it. It WORKS though!
  12. I like Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Deodorant -- no aluminum, and it doesn't irritate, has a very nice but subtle smell (if you like tea tree and lavendar), and it works -- but it is not an antiperspirant.
  13. Exactly! it takes everything to not itch! I'd like to find something similar...because I really like to not sweat! haha

    I've tried the Dessert Essence, and a few other natural deoderants, but I need something stronger!:nuts:
  14. I use Secret Platinum which is supposed to turn translucent but does leave white marks. It works really well though, so I keep using it. I was reading in a magazine a few weeks ago (I think it was Real Simple) that Degree's clear deoderant is supposedly the only one that really won't leave white marks, I'm going to grab some and try it next time I'm at Target.

  15. thats the one I use =D I love it.. I preffer the roll on better though, It dries faster =D