Denver Meet?

  1. Sorry, I don't know where to post this or if one has already been started for Denver.

    Does anyone ever meet in Denver? I just moved back to after being in Scottsdale AZ for a year. Just curious if anyone meets or has talked about meeting. Cherry creek would be nice:yes:
  2. lets meet in cherry creek or park meadows? i have only been to par meadows once....
    actually, i think i am going to cherry creek today...
  3. If I'm in town I'd love to come. As for location, I think Cherry Creek is a great choice since is centrally located.
  4. Ill sticky this 4 u!
  5. I could possibly make it with a little notice! I'm only 3 hours from Denver. I have a friend who's a member here as well. I'll mention it to her!
  6. you should come....
    I think we are lacking denver members ... so anyone who can come should come.....
  7. Yep, I'd love to go! I am only 3 hours away...that would be great! Weekend, preferably! Thanks!!
  8. I vote for weekend too.....
    any idea as to when?
    spring, summer or fall?
  9. I vote summer time...but I'll make arrangements no matter what! ;)
  10. so, noone else wanna go to denver meeting?
    i will try to organize this next week.
  11. oh no, I just saw this...did you guys organize anything?

    I didn't think there were that many of us colorado girls, so I never really checked this subforum until now.

    Well, anyway - I am in Colorado Springs, and go up to Cherry Creek all the time to do my shopping - best eating up there, if you all are still planning something post it up! :tup: