Denver 2008?

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  1. I have heard a rumour that there will be a botique in Denver in 2008. Does anyone have any info on that. If it is true, how do I get an invitation to the opening?
  2. I got this form the Purse Blog!

    Read the full article HERE.
  3. Oh my God, I hope so. Two states away!
  4. I suddenly have "take me home, country road" stuck in my head...
  5. .......hmmm, yes but that song is about West Virginia which is a long way from Colorado. John Denver did live here though!
  6. I live in Denver and cannot wait...even though I don't want a Hermes bag. That'll probably change, though, when I visit the store!
  7. Does anyone realize that this is the 3rd new H boutique for the west coast? We have Seattle and Scottsdale online for a year from now too! Woo hooooooo!!