Dents in Chevre leather

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  1. So, I noticed this mark on my birkin that almost looked like a grease stain and i wondered how it got there since i didn't remember eating near my bag. I took it to H today and there was a craftsman there and he said I probably banged it against something and it created this DENT and that there's no way you can get it out, not even if you bring it to spa. Any advice? It's Chevre Mysore leather.
  2. Do you have a picture?
  3. Is the dent on your Chevre Mysore B as similar to the dents on some often-used Bastia Chevre on the corners (created by the coins)?
  4. Hmmm yes I have one on my beloved swift birkin it's more like a pressed point like something pinched it I hate it but I'm told if you massage the bags with gloves(the kind they use to show you the birkin or with your sunglasses wipes you know the very soft material ones like the ones given out by Louis vuitton) it does reduce the appearance so my swift birkin is now a Kobe swift birkin massaged every day .hope it helps darling .
  5. chevre and mysore gets "Dents" when the grain is compressed.