dentist problem

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am in need of some advice...I went way back in June 1st to get my wisdom tooth taken out on the lower left side of my mouth. The dentist numbed my mouth using a huge needleto numb the lower left side of my mouth, after about 10 min or so she came back to check on me and it didnt kick in all the way so she used the needle in my mouth again, I wondered why she would do it again, but I guess to speed it up. But now its been four months and the half of my tongue that she numbed is still numb!! I tried biting it but nothing brings back much feeling to it. It just feels like some sort of sensition. Is this normal? :confused1:I dont know what I should do this is bothering me so much

    thanks for reading and any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. Have you gone back to the dentist and let them know? It sounds like you need to get it checked out asap. That is not normal.
  3. That doesn't sound normal at all, maybe she hurt a nerve? I would go back to that doctor and see what she has to say and what she thinks. Good luck!
  4. yikes...sounds like nerve your doctor ASAP
  5. yeah just like jill said, that definitely waht it sounds like.
  6. you need to go back right away, that is NOT normal. Not for 4 months. Usually when I have dental work they always numb me twice because I have sensitive nerves and even a small cavity can be felt. But, never has it lasted that long. Having numbing solution injected twice I would think is normal... if there wasn't enough the first time, they add a little more so the numbing goes deeper in the root so you don't have any pain. But having it last that long... You need to go back right away.
  7. ^^ ooh so it is normal to get numbed twice
    Thanks so much ladies! Thats what i was thinking too-nerve damage. Omg I hope this can be fixed or else I dont know what I should do. Im going to see the dentist next week, ill keep you updated
  8. It's completely normal to be numbed more than once. I'd just be concerned that a nerve was hit by the needle the second time around.

    Good luck!!!
  9. I've been numbed twice before, but actually if they just let it wait longer then once is enough. I hate shots, so I make my dentist let it wait to kick in.

    It sounds like maybe you have nerve damage. I would get it checked out for sure! Maybe talk to a lawyer if the damage is permanent.
  10. Hi, the numbness is unlikely to be due to the double injection (or block) The numbness will most likely be due to nerve trauma during the extraction of the wisdom tooth.
    Actually no, I have just reread your post and this won't be true. The majority of post-wisdom neuropathies occur in the lip, not the tongue. The nerve that supplies the tongue branches off high up and so won't get damaged during the extraction process.

    The only explanation is that perhaps the tip of the needle passed through the actual nerve supplying the tongue as it aimed for the nerve supplying the teeth. If the nerve was damaged, it may prevent the messages passing up and down the nerve and so give the feeling of numbness.

    In 10 years of practice, I have never encountered someone with a persistent numb tongue from an injection. Don't be surprised if your dentist is perplexed. Ask for a referral to an oral surgeon for a second opinion.

    Most nerve problems are short-lived but some can persist for months/years and/or be permanent.

    Keep us posted, PM me when you see the dentist, I am curious what she thinks! Good luck!
  11. oh man i hate the dentist. I am also sensitive so mine gives me the shot and then waits like 20 minutes. I do always have pain and sensitivity for about 6-8 weeks after the procedure though.