dentelle: the obsessing has started

  1. when i first saw the pics of these bags i really really didnt like them. but that changed today when i went to do a lil shopping with my SO and saw a woman carrying a speedy in silver. i was so shocked because i live very far away from any LV stores. my jaw must have dropped when i saw it because my SO pulled me in the opposite direction.
    OMG i need a silver speedy dentelle. it is TDF
  2. Lol i still don't like them very much , I'm going to have another look at them when i go next .
  3. I feel the same way except I really want the Gold!!!! I may get it this friday... its between that and the MC Rita
  4. hehehehe.... the bag it gorgeous! Go get it!
  5. yeh they are V pretty IRL, there were loads in the Bham store, so you should ring and ask if they have the silver. I think the ludlow is too sweet but the interiors white. If they did the speedy in th 25 size then id get one!
  6. it really is stunning in real life, pictures just dont do it justice. I have the silver BH, and i LOVE it, i even catch myself checking it out when i walk past a mirror or something lol.
  7. Isn't it amazing how you HAVE to see things IRL sometimes? I was not a fan of the azur until I saw it IRL and I am kicking myself for not getting the speedy 25 then because it is impossible to find on elux!

  8. I think my jaw would have dropped too!!
  9. the interiors are beige in the gold one's and silver/grey in the silver
  10. Yeah, miss Ichelle has made me think twice about the speedy. But I can't do it.
  11. haha labal addict it was surreal. i was in boots in the metro centre. i had to do a double take at first.
    i NEED one now
  12. i agree the dentelle line is growing on me but not enought to really want one. However, the good thing is that there seem to be PLENTY around. My store has several speedies in both gold and sliver! I dont think they will sell out as quick as everyone thought! So for those of you undecided I think time is still available! good luck
  13. heehee cherrypie! I can see your SO dragging you away from that woman's purse!!! um, any chance at all to get it, do it.... I'm totally for enabling the dentelle, too gorgeous!

  14. no way I was at the metro today but I don't have the speedy so it wasn't me, when I picked up Kirsten my SA brought out the speedy for me to look at too it was gorgeous I totally think you should get it, the one they showed my wasn't waitlisted so you may be able to get one at Manchester
  15. I was so in love with the Kirsten, but it's IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of now ......: ( So I just got myself the Cabas GM in Navy stripe ,the Lexington in Pomme D'amour and the Damier Azur pouche cles to make myself feel better