dentelle speedy

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  1. Girls help me to decide , Gold or silver dentelle speedy ?:wtf:
  2. Silver!
    Silver looks amazing on it
    i'm not to crazy about the gold.
  3. I agree, silver is stunning! The gold kind of clashes IMO.
  4. Silver! I have it and absolutely :heart: the silver dentelle! Get it, you won't regret it!
  5. I thought the Gold clashes as well, but DH bought the wrong color and I actually LOVED it.

    You're the one carrying it, so just go with the one you're feeling most!

    You have have at least one from this line. :heart:
  6. i like it much better in gold :smile:
  7. Silver .. I love my silver denetelle speedy
  8. Gold!!! It's so much hotter IMO!
  9. Gold gets my vote :tup:
  10. Gold! I just ordered one:smile:
  11. My vote goes to gold. I initially wanted the silver, so when I waitlisted for the silver my SA put the gold on wait too knowing that I'd change my mind when I saw it. The gold had so much more character, I had to get it :smile:
  12. Gold!
  13. Silver without a doubt! IMO it is far more stunning, the detail work stands out much more and it more brilliant. I have a silver Kirsten and wouldn't trade her for anything! Silver, Silver, Silver!
  14. silver
  15. you should try them both on in the store if you can and look in the mirror from a bit of a distance, so you can really see how it will look when on.
    I like the silver, i wore my silver dentelle out today and loved catching glimpses of it in mirrors i walked past hehe, its HOT