Dentelle Speedy Sighting!

  1. Thought this thread may help with some Pfers who are after the dentelle speedies....I saw them at the Rocks Sydney yesterday in both SILVER and GOLD! And they are ready to go any home who would have them! Also the wallet is available and belts too...They are really pretty IRL! :smile:
  2. Yup, I saw them both. I finally got a gold one which I have ordered already. I think the gold look better irl than pictures...silver look better in pictures
  3. i like the gold better in person!
  4. It IS really pretty IRL! The dentelle embroidery is sparkly. It's a very unique Speedy.
  5. There are belts too?? I've never seen those!
  6. yes the belt are goregous I almost bought one but it was too small :crybaby:

    OP please add these to my WANTED thread in the shopping section to help people find items they are looking for (link in the last line of my sig)
  7. I saw one today in the Coach store. I don't know. I'm still not a fan.
  8. I saw one on Friday at the Myer Centre Brisbane.
  9. I want to see!!!
  10. I agree they are stunning IRL ... any idea of price of the belt here??