Dentelle Speedy question..

  1. hi:yes:
    is dentelle speedy limited edition bag? is it one off shot or is it like monogram groom line??...( i was told the groom line was strictly limited but i still see it in my stores...:confused1:). TIA:p
  2. I think it is more seasonal, rather like the perfo line, that limited as say the groom and mirroir
  3. my SA did confirm that the "no chains" Dentelle (i.e. Speedy, BH and wallets) will be seasonal like the Perfos. i would also consider the Grooms as seasonal too :yes:
  4. ^ I agree I think kirsten & fursten are ltd but the speedy, bh etc are seasonal
  5. Except for the Kirsten and Fersen, the rest of the dentelle range is seasonal.
  6. Yup, as what DD and couturecreature said. The Speedy, BH and wallets should be around for approx. 3 months or more, so there is no need to go scramble for them.
  7. I was told though that the Gold will be harder to come across than the Silver!
  8. ^^I was told that too .. that they produced more silver bags than gold:yes:
  9. Cool :smile: thanks for sharing the info!
  10. Yes, my store only received 1 Gold Speedy and they're not sure if they will get more or not.
  11. my store only got 2 gold speedies and in their next shipment they are expecting 3 gold and thats all... no more! so i would say thats pretty limited considering they have about 50 names on the list for it.. hehe
  12. Mine's coming tomorrow (GOld speedy)...and the 2 stores I talked to had said the one they got was it for this first shipment!