Dentelle Speedy question, need help ASAP please!

  1. So LV called and they have the gold speedy avaliable for me now.. I am able to get it from a European country and get the tax back, so it's going to be even cheaper than $1400.. The thing is, when I waitlisted I loved it. But now that I'm seeing all these pictures of it, how it really looks (eBay) , I'm not so sure. So here is my question.. Should I go thru and buy it ( I would have it in 2 weeks because someone is bringing it back to Qatar with her for me) and see if I like it, and if I don't, sell it on eBay and possibly make a profit? OR buy a damier saleya pm that I've been wanting since forever and know I will use or just wait and buy it later on.. (may) because I can't buy both the speedy and saleya right now... Please help me decide.. I have to call back soon and let them know if I want it! Thanks in advance!
  2. Frankly, I dont see this piece going up in value, so making a profit from selling would be slim. On whther you would like it upon seeing it, I think you'd have to be a judge on that. The Dentelle is interesting but the price is kinda $$$ but since you are getting it from Europe, it should be more affordable. Compared to the Saleya, since it is a permanent price, I'd say that can wait. Go for the Speedy since it is a seasonal piece and more interesting. :smile: My 2 cents.
  3. Hmm...I would get the Dentelle speedy first, if you don't like it, sell it on eBay! You can always buy the saleya PM later....
  4. thanks you guys... btw, if you check completed items on ebay for dentelle speedy, one sold for $2100...!! i think im going to go ahead with it... if i don't like it, i can alway sell.. and yeah since the saleya is permanent, there is nothin to worry about.. thanks!
  5. I would get the dentelle speedy as I adore this range.....I would buy it and use it;) LOVE it:heart:
  6. ok i just spoke with LV and told me i want it, so its getting picked up tomorrow.. when i convert it comes out to $1300 plus i get around 18% bacK! wohooooo.. :biggrin:
  7. Woo HOOOO...please post pics when she arrives:yahoo:
  8. I think you've made the right choice!
  9. Very nice, that's a really good deal - go getting tax back ! :yes:
  10. congrats on getting your speedy!!
  11. Congrats on the hot Speedy!
  12. Congrats! Please post pics when it arrives!!
  13. congrats! I think you will keep it!
  14. Congrats :yahoo: I bet you'll fall in love with it .
  15. thanks everyone.. im glad i decided to get it.. :biggrin: i just hope that when i see it IRL i LOVE IT.. atleast i know i can sell without a loss if i don't! :smile: