Dentelle Speedy or BH??

  1. I love the Kirsten but it may not happen so am thinking whether I should at least get a speedy or BH but not sure whether it would look really "dated" in 6 months.. :sad: help please!
  2. I don't like the Dentelle line at all. Looks too busy and cheap looking to me.
  3. I have the Dentelle BH and love it - it is so comfortable and gorgeous! I don't think it will look dated at all in 6 months!
  4. i saw the bh at my boutique today and i much prefer the speedy. I do like dentelle but on smaller items, for me anyway xx
  5. BH!
  6. Bh
  7. BH..its my latest LV obsession
  8. Batignolles
  9. i like both style bags but not in dentelle. I purchased speedy dentelle and returned it. It did nothing for me. I felt for the cost I would probable not use it withn a few month.s, just me. Oh well, however it will probably be a good collector peice!!!
  10. I love the dentelle line and I would wait a bit longer for the Kirsten. It's just so incredible IRL. I want to wear mine everwhere! The speedies and Bh are easier to come by. Out of those I suggest the BH! I had my name down for that until I saw the kirsten!
  11. if you can, stick w/kirsten-so unique! While BH and Speedy are good looking too, but it's not as special as Kirsten or Fersen.
  12. BH. Not a big fan of Dentelle.
  13. speedy
  14. Not trying to be rude but just throwing this out there...

    She didn't ask your opinion on whether you liked the line. She asked whether she should get the speedy or the BH. I know we have free speech and I love that so if you still feel the desire to share your opinion even when someone doesn't ask for it you don't need to call something someone else loves "cheap." It's just hurts other peoples' feelings. We are not on this forum to do that. There are other ways to word it. Such as, "it's not really my style but if you like it that's all that matters" or as princess said, "not a big fan." I will say at least you didn't use the word tacky as I have seen many use on the board and it just really hurts me to see that.
  15. The BH! But really, out of the Dentelle line I love the Kirsten and Fersen the most! Have you thought about the Fersen instead? I think that's as pretty as the Kirsten!