Dentelle Speedy is Almost Home

  1. Ack...I just want to share my excitement (AGAIN). Just spoke with my SA....the bag has been picked up by Fedex...and will be here tomorrow. ARG..>Chicago is only 90 minutes away...they should have same day service!

    I'll be sitting home tomorrow anxiously waiting!!!

    Anyone else agonizingly waiting for a delivery?
  2. I'm on the waitlist at Chicago (four hours from me) but just got on not too long ago, so it will be a while before I get a call I guess. Congrats and let us know when it arrives. I hate the wait on getting a bag but love it when stuff is on the way!
  3. :huh::huh::huh:O so excited for u twiggers! go girl!!
    what are u getting dear? silver or gold? :nuts:
  4. I have to go into the store after work today and then fly fly fly off to a charity event. But I saw them yesterday and I still can't decide which I like better, silver or gold.

    I'm sorry fedex is taking 24 hrs to get to you from Chicago. Do you have to hang around the house tomorrow just waiting for them?
  5. I decided on the Gold!
    Fortunately it's Spring Break and I had decided to bring stuff home to work on instead of going into school!

    mlowran: I took my name off Michigan Avenue's list for both gold & you're closer to the top!The manager there told me that she has a lot of silver (more than the # of people waitlisted)....maybe give her a call!
  6. I'm waiting for mine...patiently!

    I have to say... the LV store in San Fran is baaaaaad.

    I waitlisted for the bag on Feb2, at that time the SA guranteed that I will get one. On the Feb25, I called to add something (the agenda refill), so I asked about my position on the waitlist; the SA said I'm not on any waitlist and she can put me on. :wtf: On March7, the SA who put me on the waitlist called and said that she already got the gold one and will send out to me on March15 and I said to have the bag ship by using ground shipping. Then, on March 12 I called again which I intended to change method of shipping to overnight, another SA looked at the waitlist and said I was on the silver not the gold. :wtf: She said she will take the message to my original SA. Yesterday, I called again and I finally spoke to the original SA, she said she had the gold in the store, and another SA will call me regarding the charge on my credit card tomorrow (since she will not work at that time).

    Finally today, no one called me about charging my credit card until it's 2 pm., I had to find out myself. I called and a SA said they're already charged my CC, I asked about the permission. They said because I said to get it yesterday, so they do it. :wtf:

    This will be my first and last time from this store...:hysteric:
  7. That's terrible Meeju! That is one reason why I hate giving them my CC info for a position on the waitlist. I like to call stores that dont require it, in case I change my mind. At least you have one coming! YAY!
  8. My SA just called me and I bought the gold speedy. I'm going Saturday to pick it up since it will be cheaper to drive to Cinci to get it than to have it shipped.
  9. ^
    Oh! Allison, you are THAT one. :p

    After I had the mix up (gold and silver) the other day, so I did call the LV in Cinci and asked about the availability of the bag.

    They said they got only one (for the gold), and they're not sure if the one (on the list) will get it or not.

    Now..I know!!;)
  10. Congrats Allison!!!!!!!!
    Meeju: I hope they fix the mess up...that's awful!!!!!!!
  11. ^^Wow! Talking about bad customer service, Meeju! Glad you are finally going to get one.

    ^^^Congrats, Twiggers!

    ^^Congrats, allison!
  12. Yeah!! I'm getting my silver speedy sometime next week, it shipped out today! :yes: I can't wait!!

    So exciting that you'll be getting yours tomorrow!!
  13. Can't wait to see pics!
  14. oh wow, I didn't know I was the one. That's cool! I feel special :p
  15. Can't get to my store until Sunday so I can have a IRL look at Kirsten Silver