dentelle speedy handles

  1. Are the Dentelle Speedy handles darker? I saw these in the store and thought that the patina had set already, but then I saw it on Elux and it looks dark too? Just curious!
  2. Yea i was wondering that to. I saw one the other day and i was like "WAHH??" :p i Love the lighter handles i'm not a fan of the dark patina.
  3. The handles on the Dentelle are darker..on it says that the cowhide is tinted..
  4. I noticed that when I was in the LV store yesterday. I don't like the handles at all...
  5. yeah I don't know if I like it either. I usually like patina but I feel like it looks weird. does that mean that the handles won't turn any darker?
  6. yes, it is darker. I am not a fan at all. :sad:
  7. Yeah I believe they used the Nomade leather for it. I like it better, no worries about it getting any darker than that.
  8. Saw it at the stores, the handles are dark!
    I don't fancy dark handles.

    And few months back, when I saw a lady holiding a suspiciously-looking Dentelle on the streets, weeks before they hit in store... the vachetta was light!

    Then, I saw one of the first pix of the actual bag in TPF with dark handles...
    It confirmed that the bag I saw is a fake!

    Hee... guess the manufacturer didn't see the already 'patina-ed' Dentelle coming!
  9. The one thing I do love about the dentelle line is the treated leather. So pretty!
  10. the nomade leather scratches very easily though
  11. I totally agree with this :yes:
  12. the nomade handles go so well with the gold :smile:
  13. I like it better too! It'll look the same forever!
  14. I'm split on this- while the maintenece-free aspect is appealing, I think the color is just a little too dark for the bag.
  15. thats why i didn't like this bag... because of the already darken handles