Dentelle Speedy Gold and Silver

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  1. Please can someone post up pics of both the gold and silver speedy?!

  2. i think there are lots of pics in other threads, and in the lv reference library.
  3. Here's a picture of the Dentelle Speedy in Silver that was posted by member Mariangelwalk. I haven't seen any pictures of the Speedy in Gold. I would love to see one though, since I am getting one and haven't even seen it IRL yet!
    Dentelle Speedy.jpg
  4. i saw the dentelle slliver speedy...i dunno...i'm not feeling this line. Someone has the wallet in gold...which is alil better... but it looks to me like something's growing on the a fungus or something :s

    but i LOVE the patina on the handles tho...which there was some way to custom order speedies with those handles!!!
  5. Here's a better picture in Silver



  6. These bags have to be seen irl. They do look better than pics.

  7. It looks cute! My SA showed me the silver one the other day! I'm not sure if it's for me though
  8. Aww thanks everyone....just need to see the gold now.......desperately!

  9. I :heart: it :smile:
  10. Wife was at Macy's picking up Azur coin purse and saw this bag she didn't like it online. She says it looks great IRL. Gotta make sure she doesn't get it. Someone tried to purchase and SA said she's not allowed to sell until another week or so.
  11. Ohhhh I'm on the list for the gold dentelle speedy and would love to see a pic of it :smile:
  12. Still need a pic of the gold dentelle desperately!

  13. Can anyone also tell me is the Dentelle range going to be a line which is ongoing, or is it going to be unvavailable after a while??

  14. I would purchase it as soon as you can:yes:
  15. Is the March 15 date still on? For Europe too??