1. in my bag right now at Elux...who wants it???
  2. ok im letting it its on there
  3. I SO want it but don't have the money for it!
  4. ^^Me too Kelli. I wish LV released things gradually all year. Too much came out at once for me to be able to afford all these goodies. Sucks. :shrugs:
  5. i know i wanted it too but i just released in turned the computer off lol
  6. Am I Hearing This Rigth? Dentelle Speedy In Silver? Where?
  7. It's been on eluxury for the majority of the day. They had more than 10 in stock. Looks like they're gone now.
  8. it's still there!
  9. Hmm, there's plenty of dentelle speedy SILVER in Singapore. Uncountable. Haha.