Dentelle silver or Mini lin dune?


Which should I get now?

  1. Dentelle silver speedy

  2. Mini Lin Dune speedy

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  1. Ok, I just bought my mini lin dune just about two weeks ago and haven't used it. Although I love it, I'm really lusting for the Dentelle silver speedy after seeing everyone's pics (you're all enablers! LOL). I can't afford both bags right now so I'll have to return my mini lin for the Dentelle. My DH doesn't like the Dentelle, he still prefers the mini lin dune but says it's up to me. Should I just keep the mini lin dune or should I exchange for the Dentelle silver?
    dentellesilver.jpg minilindune.jpg
  2. i prefer the mini lin.
  3. I would keep the Mini Lin .... not a fan of the Dentelle line.
  4. I am not a fan of the Dune color. I think the Dentelle is nicer.
  5. Me too
  6. Keep the Mini Lin
  7. So ... the mini lin is winning?
  8. I like the dentelle better. The leather on the mini lin bothers me. If the leather was smooth then I would say mini lin.
  9. keep it...
  10. i've always loved the mini lin....but if you like the dentelle better..u should keep it
  11. i prefer mini lin
  12. I like the mini lin, so fresh looking!! The dentelle doesn't really work for me.
  13. I do not care for the Dentelle at all so I say keep the mini lin!
  14. I prefer the Mini Lin but Dentelle will be easier to keep clean for sure!
  15. Mini Lin Dune!