Dentelle sighting in my own backyard....was it one of you guys?

  1. I was walking through the Fox River Mall in Appleton, Wisconsin today. I have a tendency to look at all the handbags of the ladies who walk by me. Imagine my shock when a well-dressed, middle-aged woman walked past me with a Dentelle Batignolles Horizontal on her shoulder!!! :nuts: I had never seen a regular BH in person, so I couldn't believe I was seeing a Dentelle one!!! :drool: I couldn't stop staring. I actually slowed down to get a longer look. My boyfriend was like, "What on Earth are you looking at?" Then I talked his head off all the way to the car about the Dentelle line...LOL! I wonder if the person I saw is a member here? If so, I hope I didn't creep her out with my staring. :sweatdrop:
  2. OOoh! Did it look good? I'm not really into the BH but I was wondering if it looked pretty w/ the Dentelle
  3. It was gorgeous! I especially loved the tinted cowhide trim. It reminded me of vachetta with the most perfect patina.
  4. Oo i love spotting LV's out and about still shocks me when they are real :yes: