Dentelle show pieces

  1. Did anyone pick up their Dentelle items today? Im on the waitlist for the Kirsten. Ive been waiting all day for my phone call and I finally decided to call my store. They said that the only piece they received was sold already and they would call me when the next shipment arrived.

    Anyone waiting like I am?
  2. which store did you call? I am waitlisted, but I haven't call the store to check or anything.
  3. We have no info here. Only the belt and small accessories so far. Grr...
  4. I thought the release dates for all pieces were pushed back?
  5. I think someone posted that the Kirsten and the wallets were released yesterday, but the speedies and everything else has been pushed back.
  6. They have received no dentelle at my store and have been informed it is now mid-March even for the Kirsten???
  7. My store did not even get any of the runway bags, the only things that were available for purchase were the small leather goods. All I know is my Speedy will be ready for pick up on the 15th. The Kristen is really nice though, what was the retail?
  8. They have informed me here that the show pieces will be very limited..the retail in the States is $1330??? I love the vachetta on the Kirsten lovely:heart:
  9. I knew I should have got on the wait list. I just now decided today that I want a speedy.
  10. dyyyyyyying to see them IRL
  11. Hi all, I'm on the waiting list for Speedy too. Just want to get a 2nd opinion on whether I should get the gold/silver. What do y'all think? Kirsten looks nice too but feel that it looks complicated especially on the gold but have to see it IRL. Thanks y'all!!
  12. I'm waiting for the Kirsten. THe SA told me that release date is pushed back till the 15th March. Frankly, I doubt I will get it cos I doubt it will reach Perth. I might go for another bag instead but not from Louis. I'll definately be so so so dissappointed.
  13. Im waitlisted at the Beverly Center LV. They didnt even say when, just 'next shipment'.

  14. I was told $1420. Who knows, it might go up some more. :shrugs:
  15. okay, I want the speedy 30 so bad that I just called to put my name on the list. The SA told me that the list was rather short and since I didn't have a preference of color, that it was most likely I will get one. I have my fingers crossed!