Dentelle scarf - anybody know....

  1. if it is easily obtainable?
    and how much?
    just saw it on the LV site, and couldn't see find it on eluxury.

    Thanks :smile:

  2. Hey
    i saw one in Birmingham the other week but i don't know about anywere else.
    I did want one aswell , i did think it was like the bags all sewn aswell but it sadly wasnt it was just lines :sad:
  3. I am not sure of the price but I saw one in Boston this weekend and in Houston last week. Good luck and keep us posted!
  4. awww no lace?
    hmmm....maybe I should reconsider.
    The UK site says it's roughly around $250-$260.
    I still love the design...
    I would buy the bag if I had the money but unfortunately with a wedding to plan for, I need to save.
    Well a girl can dream :smile:
  5. Awh!
    i definatly think you should try and see the scarf in rl it's still really pretty but it would have been mega hot with lace:nuts:
    Good luck with your wedding and finding the scarf :yes:
  6. thank you!!!!

    I will go see if my local LV stores have it.
    If not, I guess my DF will have to get it in the uk when he goes back :smile:

    the obsession never ceases heheheh
  7. It's available at my local LV boutique in Montreal, dunno if this helps, but I don't think it's all *that* hard to get. You can easily do a charge-send anyway if your store doesn't have it:yes:
  8. The Saks store in Birmingham had one last weekend - I believe it was $260 - it was the bigger version with the lace. I'm pretty sure it was silk - it's definitely the one you want. If you call them, Kim is VERY helpful. I had nothing but AWESOME experiences with this smaller boutique!!
  9. I have it it's beautiful but def one you need to see IRL some love it some don't here's my "real life" pic I always find these more useful than stock pics
    Dentelle Scarf 1.jpg Dentelle Scarf.jpg
  10. the lace line is beautiful