Dentelle Release Pushed Back

  1. My SA just called me today to tell me they got an email today about Dentelle. He said the email said release date of Kirsten and Fursten (sp?) are being pushed back to 2/25. He doesn't know about the Batignolles & Speedy.
    Anyone got any info on this? Heard anything from your SA?
  2. My store told me ages ago that the release would be 26th in UK
  3. LV Union Square had a display dentelle bag in this weekend, it was the smaller flap pochette? I didn't like it at all, esp the chunky gold chain hardware.
  4. Yeah I had heard this when I went to the trunk show at the beginning of the month :yes:
  5. Bummer :sad: I may call 866 and see what they know. I'm tossed up on this...I'm waitlisted at 2 stores....1 store is with my regular SA who may not get one early, and the other store will get ALOT. I want my SA to get the business, but don't want to miss out either. Arg!
  6. More time to save up.
  7. Yes i heard this, I am dying to see bags IRL
  8. My SA said release would be 20 Feb for the normal pieces in the Dentelle range but the show pieces will be going to Sydney first before coming to us in Melbourne.
  9. I dunno, if I remember correctly, Montreal planned to have it released on the 20th-something
  10. I was told the release date was the 20th
  11. Hmmm, I wonder if that is why the pushed up the rivets release?
  12. LV is so notorious for doing this... Hope all of you get all the stuff you WL for. Better late than never, right.
  13. Can i ask what store you asked at?
    I am (hopefully!) waitlisted at crown for BH in gold, and wasnt expecting it till beginning of march. I am overseas atm and wont be back till 22nd so hope they would hold it for me. I enquired about it at crown back in the beginning of jan when they had no idea about it, my SA said shed look out and hold one for me as i was going overseas the next day and couldnt keep in touch with them about it. Hope she didnt forget or something.
  14. Pfft...they have no idea at all when I asked them about it some time back. Love my girls, Jean, Karine and Linda, there, but the info is so slow trickling to Australia. They have no waiting list for it atm in Crown. I'm defn getting my Kirsten on Collins St. My other SA there confirmed it for me. She said it's being released on the 20th but not many people know about the range yet, and so far no enquiries or much info. The BH is stunning! Don't worry, you'll defn get it. Are you going to the Crown event this Friday? ;)
  15. Oh, forgot to add, I was just there in Crown over the weekend, and they told me only one other person has enquired about the Dentelle :smile: It must be you!