Dentelle question

  1. I recently saw a lady at Saks that was carrying a Dentelle bag that was BIG shaped like the large Chanel Cabas (kind of), had a chain like strap (similar to the Stephen strap) and it was GORGEOUS. I can not seem to shake it from my mind, which is always a sign I must start the search for it to be MINE! (Im sure you all can relate) This is where I turn to experts, has any one seen this and know the name of it so when I call LV I dont sound like silly? Thanks as always!:heart:
  2. Maybe it's the Fersen?......:shrugs:
  3. yep sounds like the fersen x
  4. Agree, sounds like the Fersen too!!! Good luck
  5. You guys ROCK...any pics or price?
  6. Price is something like 2450$:yes:
  7. ^^^ Thank you!! I wish I could see it on someone...It looked great on the lady I saw, but for some reason Im not liking the pic as much! :sad:
  8. Its actually gorgeous in the the gold..the silver did nothing for me. Anyway, thanks again ladies!!! I will post pics when it comes!
  9. There you go. Mine is silver, though.

  10. a few members have them and there are some pics in the celeb thread too
  11. Yeah, Congrats on that superb bag! DO post model pix when it arrive! :yes: Horray!
  12. I haven't seen it irl and it is alot bigger than I thought it was going to be. But it looks great on you!
  13. ITS HUGE!!! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! GORGEOUS. Thank you so much for posting pics.
  14. I hope you find one, they are gorgeous! winnoty, you rockthat bag like a star!
  15. That looks amazing on you LOVE It? Is is easy to use? Does it open wide easily, also does it zip or is there a button? I appreciate the was a deal breaker for me.:heart: