Dentelle prices Worldwide...

  1. Hi everyone, can you please state the Dentelle prices in your country? I would love to know how much is the Fersen in Australia...

    Here's what I got:

    Speedy: AUD$2080
    Kirsten: AUD$2080
    Fersen: ???
    BH: ???
    ???: ???
  2. Uuuh, I think the Ludlow here was.. 2000 NOK. I'm not quite sure though, it might've been 2200 too.
  3. Where are you located??
  4. NOK = norway haha
  5. In Aus I think the fersen is $3,500
    ludlow is $480
    pochette wallet $840??
  6. I am most interested in the prices in Malaysia and Singapore.
  7. The price for the Fersen in Australia is
    AUD $3550
    converted US $2811.24
    converted GBP 1424.62
    converted SGD $4193.97

    Are these prices same as in ur country?
  8. I just purchased 2 in the San Francisco location yesterday:

    Speedy: $1,420
    Batignolles: $1,720

    I am deciding which one to keep ... or I might not keep either one, I'm not sure yet ...
  9. I think personally the speedy is nice. I've got one myself in gold, what colour did u get?
  10. love the speedy
  11. from what i have seen in your posts, i would say bh. i was watching your dentelle speedy, just in case you are wondering.....
  12. Just rang sin and The Kirsten and Speedy in Singapore is $2300.
    converted to AUD:$1723
    Its so much cheaper in Singapore. Damn...I should have known!
  13. It should be AU$1860.
  14. Yap.

    The dentelle Kisten is SGD2300.
    The dentelle PTM is SGD950.

    What's the price of the PTM over Australia and USA?
  15. Whatever the exchange rate is, its still cheaper...I see you from Australia... WOuldn't u wish that Australia have prices like that too?:smile: