Dentelle Pochette

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  1. Hi everyone - does anybody know where I can get a good deal on the new Monogram Dentelle Pochette? How much does it retail for? Also, I am going to Asia this year and was wondering if it's cheaper to by designer bags there?


  2. Did they make a pochette in dentelle? (you mean a pochette accessoires?) I know they made the Kirsten which is pretty small, but definitely doesn't resemble a pochette to me. Are you referring to a pochette wallet?

    I know they made the kirsten and fersen which were show bags and pricey. They also made a scarf, belt, a couple of wallet types, batignolles horizontal and a speedy. I have the last two- BH in gold and speedy in silver.
  3. The Dentelle line didn't have a Pochette...

    I'm with Mlowran.. are you talking about the Pochette wallet? :shrugs:
  4. The Kirsten was originally called the "Pochette" in the first version of the Look Book someone posted here on tPF.
  5. ah - so I mean the kirsten then...sorry all! Any insight on how much the kirsten is?
  6. They're hard to find now but I think Lolly posted that Boca Raton, FL had both gold and silver on May 25th.
    Michelle1025 said hers in CA was $1,500 with tax and she got it in May also as one of the last pieces available.

    The dentelle Batignolles and the speedy are still available in boutiques and on but the Fersen and Kirsten were runway bags and very limited, so harder to come by. You could call 866-Vuitton and see if they can locate you one in the US at any of the stores.

    Eluxury dentelle

    I've heard they sell for $3,000 or higher on ebay.