Dentelle owners: ?'s (speedy) Delicate?

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  1. I was wondering how is the upkeep on these re: the lace overlay...

    Do you have to be extra careful or is the lace pretty sturdy?? Do you feel nervous to use it cuz it's so delicate? Or is it even delicate??? Does it catch on things easily?

    Also...anyone...What was the price again for the Speedy?? $1420??? Not sure. (I've been on the fence about the Dentelle line but it's sorta getting my attention lately.) Of course, I'd get the Speedy. I know they're LE...Do you think there's a chance of locating a Speedy now?? :shrugs: I know their were alot of people on waitlists for them. Hmm..

    Anyone see them lately in your LV boutiques?

    TIA!! :yes:
  2. I've been using mine to go to work everyday and I haven't had any problems. The embroidery is very thick metallic thread, so it's not as delicate as it looks.
  3. agreed. dentelle speedy is surprisingly hardy. :heart: as it should be, given that speedies have the tendency to get knocked around :p
  4. i only have the wallet, and will start using it as of tonight. can get back to you on this....
    my initial impression is it is pretty tightly woven and metallic...seems durable.
    i would not fret it and when and if it starts to wear, bring it in to LV and have them give it a look see.
  5. I'm wondering the same thing as I've been eyeing the wallets. Does anyone know the retail price of the ludlow or pochette wallet in gold or if they are hard to come by. Let me know if any of you saw any just avaliable for walk in purchase in CA.
  6. There are A TON on e-bay if you cannot find one. There are a few listed at ridiculous amounts; however, I have seen a couple actually sell for what it retails...
  7. ^^i just got the gold dentelle pochette wallet. i forget how much it cost, i'm sorry, somewhere in the high $500s to low $600s.
    call 866, they located it for me. should not bea problem. gold is easier to find than silver. good luck!
  8. I heard Speedy are not hard to find at all. I saw a few sitting on the shelf at my boutique this weekend.
  9. Thanks everyone for the info!! :yes: ;)


    Hmm, Really? That's good to know.:yes: Thanks for the heads up!! Now I just need to decide between the Speedy and some other LV bags I've been thinking about. :rolleyes:
  10. Just as a warning, I did happen to see a couple of Dentelle pieces where the lace was lifted a bit. This was on a Speedy and a PTI wallet.
  11. I remember seeing the wallets at both the boutique and at Bloomingdales in SF. I don't know if they had gold though, but you could call and ask.
  12. :yes: . Make sure you do a thorough check before purchasing it. I checked all the stitching on my Fersen before I handed it to my SA. Good luck!!!
  13. the speedy price was $1420, though? what happened to $1350! jeez!
  14. What do you mean by "lifted"? Also, what things should I be on the look out for when checking? I want a wallet. Thanks much! :smile:
  15. The corners of some of the lacy things weren't stitched down, especially on the folds of different on the fold of the PTI and on the bottom corners of the Speedy. It's hard to explain without a visual, but if you saw it on any pieces in the store, you'd know right away what I was talking about.