Dentelle on !!!

  1. here you go :yes:
  2. INspired by Marie Antionette the movie no doubt.. =P

    I don't think it'll be as hot as the mirroir, but it seems like it could be one of the hot spring pieces.. It still looks a bit "flower on flower", too busy, too me though, but it's still pretty. and I love 18th century stuff. =P
  3. Thanks for posting :smile: They have the Fersen on it now.
  4. i must see this IRL. i wasn keen on it at first but after looking on LV at the kirsten i love it. thanks for letting us know!
  5. So far only the runway bags are online.
  6. I would like to see it IRL...the pics are not making me excited like I normally am when a new bag arrives on the scene!
  7. And the carré monogram dentelle - nice scarf if you like the lace pattern!
  8. Not a fan at all:shame:
  9. thanks for the info.
  10. How do you do that? I can't seem to figure it out, darn Flash Plug-In!:cursing:
  11. Thanks for posting! I need to see it in real life!
  12. I think she took a screenshot.
  13. it's okie, i kinda like the kirsten:yes:

    btw, there's also the DENTELLE SCARF, check it out people!!!! :biggrin:
  14. Is the price around $2500 or more?