Dentelle line on Elux

  1. Im in the mood to shop this morning (online) So I look on elux to see if anything sparks me and I see the Dentelle Speedy and seems so weird to me that they are available!! Maybe they did not sell so well?? I hated this line to start I kind of want the speedy!! But I think it may say in my closet UNTOUCHED just like the Azur 30 is!:shrugs: :hysteric:
  2. I love the Dentelle Speedy. My Azur Speedy hasn't been out yet either. lol. I'd really like to order it, but I'm showing restraint for now.
  3. have the bst piece of the line already!
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Wow, that does mean they are not selling that well. Release info said in store only.
  6. ^thats what I thought Tinks!
  7. That's really odd.
  8. dammit! i could have saved 100$ in sales tax!
  9. ^Return it and order one from Elux.
  10. !!! I missed it! I really like the Dentelle Speedy now :sad: I should have gotten it the first time I saw it
  11. ^^^ I feel the same was Kelli. The wait lists were REALLY long at my store but I got a call pretty quickly cause most were passing it up. Stuff really has to grow on me before I get it tho. The times I have gotten things without seeing them from waiting lists, I havent liked or appreciated them as much. This is something I would like to own one day tho. Maybe we can catch a deal on eBay since they arent selling well. lol
  12. and you don't have to worry about pale handles!
  13. Now there is a speedy
    den speedy.jpg
  14. The speedy and BH have been readily available at the Houston Galleria store for a while. THe only ones that were more difficult to obtain were the runway bags!