Dentelle lace pochette???

  1. I showed my friend the look book pictures of the dentelle line and she fell in love with the lace pochette. Does anyone know the size of the bag and have opinions about the chain handles? She does not carry much in her purse and is very good taking care of her bags and wants to buy one new great bag this year and fell in love with this. I said I will try to get info on it. She is going to go down to LV on Worth Ave. next week I guess to put her name on the wait list but wants to know the size and LV 800# had a attitude when she called so she hung up on them.
  2. No info yet... but once we get it, we'll be sure to post! ;)
  3. I would love to see it!
  4. These bags are sexy!
  5. Yeah there aren't any measurements on them yet..but based on the picture, I'd think it'd probably be somewhat close to the size of the Ravello, maybe a bit longer and wider:
  6. i will wait til i see it IRL
  7. Oh, I wanna see :drool:
  8. I have heard that there will be NO lace piece on the front of the pochette and that the flowers will be printed on NOT sewn on??? Any one heard this about this too:smile:
  9. It will be a flower print. check out that thread.
  10. Hmm - I missed that thread, but I'm still interested.

    I can't believe she got an attitude from the 800 number, they've always been very nice to me.
  11. The dentelle is silk screened on and then embroidered over it. i had a long look at the look book yesterday. i don't remember the pochette. i saw the bh and the speedy and a few wallets. i put myself on the list for the silver and gold ludlow and then will decide which, if any, i want.

    the interesting thing about the dentelle in the look book is they have the handles of the bh and speedy patinaed already- they're pretty dark. my SA didn't know why that was either.

    i feel like the pouchette was the size/shape of the new smaller pleaty bag? oh i think there were a few that had extra lace that might have been show bags. i didn't look at them that long because i didn't think they were cute.
  12. i should say i believe it is silk screened. that is what i remember but i could be wrong. but i'm pretty sure. lol
  13. I cant wait to see it.
  14. That is what I heard too .. silk screened on to the canvas nothing sewn on to it (that was for the runway show only) and that it will have treated vachetta :yes: