Dentelle Kirsten

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  1. I find this bag absolutely amazingly beyond gorgeous!!! it's the most beautiful bags i have ever seen. I just called 866-vuitton and they said that it's completely gone/sold out. It's this true??? please tell me that they're wrong.:crybaby:

    I want one so bad! especially the gold Kirsten. Ebay is selling it for around $3000. :wtf: Is there anyway I can get this bag or is it too late???
  2. I got on the Kirsten bandwagon pretty late but was able to get one, if you have a SA that you work with, I would let them know what you're looking for, even if they don't have any now, if one pops up they may call you. My SA rec'd ONE Kirsten in her shipment not too long ago and called me right away. Good luck, the bag is TDF.
  3. this bag is beautiful, I love the gold and the silver. Does anyone know the price? the prices on ebay are outrageous.
  4. It was $1,500 with tax (per my DH).
  5. Thank you :heart:
  6. I think they are all gone but like Michelle said try to work with an SA you may get lucky. I think SA's are more helpful 866 just seem to always say their gone.

    Someone even saw a leopard stephen the other day and people where told they where gone to so it never hurts to ask, ask, and ask again
  7. thank you for all the great info, your thread about the SS07 is really helpful :tup:
  8. Thank you!!
  9. Thanks. I'll go the boutique as soon as i have the chance. Hopefully by next week. Wish me luck.:tup:

    Anyhow, out of boredom, I contacted Eluxury earlier today. Spoke with a representative. He said that Eluxury get new shipments every week or so and that they should be getting the Kirsten later on. Just keep on comming back and check for their new arrivals. I found that strange since I spoke to a different representative 2 weeks ago and she said they don't carried the Kirsten.:confused1:
  10. To be honest I don't think Elux will get any Kirstens, the Speedy and BH but not the runway bags. Good luck on your search!
  11. Congrats Michelle, i think you got your hands on one of the few last Kirsten.:drool: