Dentelle Kirsten

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  1. Who has purchased the Dentelle Kirsten? Do you like it?:rolleyes:
    Pics please? Thankyou.
  2. It hasn't been released to us here yet. But I'm waiting for mine.
  3. It hasn't been released in the US either.
  4. It is not coming to my store:crybaby:
  5. i like this bag :love: but not coming to my local LV too :sad: ,if i really want it they will try to get one for me from Paris,but still they dont promise anything :crybaby:
  6. I wonder if this was a recent decision to scale back which stores will receive the bag. The original LookBook listed "LG4-6" stores receiving the Kirsten, if someone could explain what that means. For those of you who were just told that your store will not get the bag, did they plan on receiving them originally?
  7. I think my store had originally planned to receive them BUT then Aus has only been allocated a very small amount thus only larger stores will receive them..I am just disappointed that my store are still have been taking names for their reservation list but are not receiving ANY:confused1:
  8. My name has been added to the waiting list today.
  9. I am also in Brisbane and yet I was informed that it is highly unlikely that Brisbane will receive them BUT they continue to add names to the reservation list:confused1:
  10. Oh...I thought they were released last February 25th in the US? I heard that it was released in London already, but I dont know if it's true....Anyway, I'm waiting for mine as well and am in the waiting list in LV Singapore. Guess Singapore has not released it as well....
  11. Well, Sydney was supposed to be the only store to receive it in Australia. They label it in pink sticker L08. But we shall see...
  12. We SHALL see:graucho:
  13. Cheeky! :roflmfao:
  14. The show pieces were originally supposed to be released in the US even earlier, then they pushed it back to Feb 25th, and now they say March 15th like the rest of line. :confused1:
    Nobody here on tPF has gotten theirs yet. That person on eBay who is selling both the silver and gold seems to be the only person in the world to have it!
  15. I got called for one but whenI went to collect it had been sold to another person (even though I was #1) I'm not too worried the next one is mine on the 15th Feb my store had a purse which I bought but that about it eveything else is the 15th. I am having secod thoughts on the kirsten though I don't really like the pics of it on eBay it looks a bit funny but who knows I may love it IRL.