Dentelle KIRSTEN still available ?

  1. Hi, has anyone seen the KIRSTEN (gold) in any of the stores lately, or is it hopeless now? What is the retail $ ? TIA...
  2. I believe the Kirsten is completely sold out. Retail (when available) price $1420.
  3. I saw one for sale in a Vuitton store in Las Vegaslast week but don't recall if it was silver or gold, I would call 866-VUITTON and they can try to locate one for you
  4. There was a small second shipment, I agree with Blueeyez, try calling the 866 number or your SA to locate one for you.
  5. Any luck finding one? Be sure to keep us updated!
  6. Was at my local LV yesterday, they had the Fersten and the speedy. I think its not going to happen, but im ok with it, as I 'm looking forward to getting the Mirage Speedy on Sept 15th !!!!!
  7. Thanks for the update, the mirage line is amazing!