Dentelle Kirsten...IRL

  1. This is the only bag from the Dentelle line that I actually liked. It's amazing IRL. :biggrin:
  2. it's pretty... but really, not my style.
  3. thanks for sharing! omg, what is the actual MSRP of this bag?? 5000-something seems a bit inflated, omg!
  4. thanks for edit, i was linked to visual thread lol:rolleyes: . but does anyone find the koala closure not centered?:shrugs:
  5. I love that one IRL too! It's very beautiful!
  6. Did you see the entire collection, John?
  7. Sorry, Classic Chic...:shame:
  8. It's going to be around $1400. They may think they can get that since it isn't released yet?
  9. *Waves* Hi, Crystal!
  10. omg... that is GORGEOUS
  11. i cant make up my mind if i hate it or love it.. and im first on the waiting list. i know for sure i like it with the gold more than silver but i'm questioning if i will ever wear it? ?!?!
  12. I LOVE that leather! I was waitlisted for the BH, but changed my mind a few weeks ago...I thought the embroidery in silver would snag/stain too easily if I used it as a baby bag or my primary handbag so I opted for the long wallet and cles. Someone please tell me I did the right thing!! :drool:
  13. I didn't like it person. I dunno, it just looked weird to me. Then again I didn't like any of the Dentelles..there was too much going on on them (lace, silk screening, stitching, gold hardware etc.).
  14. I'm not feeling the Dentelle line at all. Just not my thang.