Dentelle Kirsten Gold or Silver?

  1. Hi all, anybody saw the Kirsten Silver IRL and thinks that it looks as good as the gold? The wait list for the silver seems to be a lot shorter than the gold but not sure whether it's worth it...:confused1:
  2. I love the silver
  3. thanks! any other thoughts??:yes:
  4. I have the gold kirsten and love it .. I prefer the silver in the speedy:heart:
  5. I've seen both. Purchased the gold first and was offered the silver as well. I didn't see the gold as they sent it to me, but it was defn love at first sight. Then I was asked to go to the store to view the silver prior to purchase as there was a tiny mark on the leather. It's really beautiful as well and shinier than the gold. But personal preference is still the gold.
  6. go for gold!
  7. i like the gold better, but the silver is still very pretty.. they are pretty hard to get so i wouldnt be too picky...
  8. Gold !!!
  9. Thank you all !! Will keep mself on the waitlist and see what happens!:wlae:
  10. I would get either one that was offered first. :nuts: Most stores aren't even getting Kirsten in, just the larger stores. Good luck. I would take either.
  11. I prefer the gold, as it matches the chain accents more. Good luck with getting one!
  12. I was offered a Silver Kirsten, but I think I'm going to hold out for the Gold. The bag itself is already very busy with the pleating, chunky gold lock, gold chain handles, and lace trim. Adding a different colored lace overlay would be a bit much for me.
  13. Gold is better with the reast of the colours on the hardware and the canvas. ;)
  14. Gold gets my vote!
  15. Another vote for gold.