Dentelle is NOT fragile

  1. I know a lot of you worry about this but I just wanted to post some pics to help anyone concerned

    The pics are clickable I've left them large so you can see the detail

    I bought this in Feb and have used it every day since I have mostly used it in my mono speedy 25 which has a small opening (pic included) so if the lace was likely to snag it would have done so on this bag.

    anyway here you go

  2. speedy & purse
  3. Thanks for the pics and confirmation! Now I regret not getting one.
  4. good to know!
    silver one is nice. thanks!!!!!
  5. thx for the great pic's. it looks amazing!
  6. Love the wallet!!
  7. Thanks so much! Really wanted to hear/see from someone with actual experience with the bag.
    Highly appreciated! :biggrin:
  8. Thank you very much Claire for the info. ;)

    I've also been using my wallet since the day I bought her. She's still fine and looks like new. I change my purse regularly. Sometimes she had to be in the confined space and had to rub against my other wallet, my cell phone and some other stuff I carried, and she could handle the situation just fine.

    I'm so impressed about her quality.

    Now I'm considering bringing out my Dentelle Speedy out too. :wlae:

    Here she is:
    Dentelle Wallet 002.jpg Dentelle Wallet 004.jpg Dentelle Wallet 006.jpg Dentelle Wallet 001.jpg Dentelle Wallet 005.jpg
  9. Wow... it holds up pretty well! Thanks for sharing these pics. :smile:
  10. That's wonderful! Dentelle is beautiful.
  11. Thanks for sharing Claire, that is good news!
  12. Ohh Dentelle is so pretty...and uncommon!
  13. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Thanks for the info! I have to say, that was a concern of mine! So pretty! I really like the wallets!
  15. Thanks for the pics and info, I don't own any dentelle but wish I did.:nuts: