Dentelle in silver...but in which Style


For a Dentelle in Silver, you should go for ...

  1. Speedy 30

  2. Fersen

  3. Kirsten

  4. Batignolles

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm a Balenciaga Pfer...but I must confess : all begun with LV :heart:
    (Epi for bags + small leathers item and Damier for Lugages).

    I've never been a Monogram fan...until I saw Silver Dentelle in real :drool:...

    I bought immediately a Silver Dentelle Ludlow:graucho:...
    and for the bag...
    I don't have a I thought to buy it in Dentelle would be a good opportunity to own this iconic style....but when I saw the Batignolles and the Fersen I wasn't so sure anymore...

    I immediately thought I need the pfers to help me decide.

    So which one would you choose...and why ???

    Thanks for your help:heart:.

    And I promise to post pics of the entire LV collection when I'll have the Dentelle you help me to choose:graucho:...
  2. I like it all except the BH.
  3. Pics for help:graucho: ...

    Speedy 30


  4. i think the speedy is just hot! and that way ull have ur speedy and and and and ahhhh screw it, no stupid justifications

  5. i like the speedy and the BH. i believe that the kirsten is sold out?
  6. I like the speedy.
  7. I like the speedy and the BH. :drool:
  8. Speedy! its just so much fun to get a new feminine twist on such an iconic classic bag...............the Bagiznoles (sp lol) would be second choice for me but the Kirsten and Ferson imo are too contrived
  9. I adore the Fersen.
  10. I like the speedy.
  11. i really like the speedy, original, but still very unique ...

    But I really love the Fersen too - It is really unique and speciel and not like any other Lv bag.
  12. Fersen! Holds lots and hands-free! And it has that nice chain strap!
  13. I personally :heart: the dentelle speedy. That's next on my shopping list:happydance:
  14. I voted for the speedy ... it's such a gorgeous bag IRL! I want one but my wishlist is getting a little too long! LOL Can't wait to see what you decide!
  15. I would get the Speedy -- iconic and beautiful. Second choice would be the BH.