Dentelle, I'm a Dunst...

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    Not sure if we had talked about this before, but someone last week or so ago mentioned that the Kirsten was named for Kirsten Dunst and I just saw Marie Antoinette, and now understand the Fersen... And, the line....OMG! Sophia Coppola just gets better and better! I'm soooo happy I got something from this line, congrats to all of those who got the Kirsten and the Fersen... they are lovers and should be together! You are some lucky ladies! I'm happy with my pochette wallet though:heart: I guess all the LaLa landers would have known this, but out in the boonies, I finally put it all together... fabulous, how pop culture influences high fashion...
  2. really? I had no clue----

    oh yeah- nevermind! There was this thread on having an LV named after you.....

    wouldn't that be the best bag ever!?
  3. yeah, the dentelle is totally Marie Antoinette, the and the French court the whole way, makes so much sense,,,, duh... Fersen is the hunky lover and Kirsten is sooo fabulous as Marie... OMG, makes me shiver, the bags are so... court of Louis... total eye candy...
  4. I didn't know that... I really love the bag but was not lucky enough to get one. As for it being named for Kirsten Dunst...bit of a bummer-I'm not really a fan of her.
  5. Check out the movie, Marie Antoinette, you'll see what I mean... I think it's brilliant, and her lover is Fersen... I actually really wasn't up on her (Kirsten Dunst) before I happened to see the movie, being from New Orleans and all, I have always loved the story of Marie Antoinette.... so baroque ... There's an old 40's classic of the story, but Sophia Coppola's is well, total eye candy...:smile: yummie... and, the bags now make so much sense!
  6. Besides, Sophia Coppola and Marc Jacobs are friends, she was always showing up modeling in his ads a few years ago, so it would make a lot of sense that they would influence each other, or she influenced him in this case, I would say...
  7. beautiful. They should be together. The bags as well as the couple.
  8. The fact that it was named after Kirsten Dunst turned me off the bag completely!
  9. I knew that the Kirsten was named after Kirsten Dunst, but had no clue about its relation to the Marie Antoinette movie! Thanks for the info V! BF knows I wanted to watch this movie, but I think we chose...oh I don't remember, something else.
  10. I don't like her either, so I was abit taken back to see that this gorgeous bag was named after her, but I know it's just my opinion. You guys are persuading me to check out Marie Antoinette though!
  11. ^It's a very good movie!!

    I learned something new today, regarding the origins of the bags' names, and that's a clever idea! You guys are right, it does fit with the theme of the movie!
  12. I had no idea. Thanks for sharing!

    Unfortunately sometimes the parts actors/actresses play ruin them for me totally- and I haven't like Kirsten Dunst since the Interview with a Vampire days. Hated her in those movies. So I don't watch any movies she plays in since then. Shame, cause I really wanted to see Marie Antoinette simply because of all the Manolo shoes they commissioned for it! lol
  13. I just saw Marie Antoinette 2 days ago and realized that. IT makes the Dentelle line so much more appealing. I WANT!!! I feel sorry for not getting one when I had the chance.
  14. I knew the reference about the film plus I like Kirsten D too and I LOVE my dentelle Kirsten:p
  15. Did anyone else find the movie a little boring?
    I mean, I liked it..but it did drag on.