Dentelle, give it a second chance..

  1. I know this is true for all pieces, you have to see them in real life to judge. But dentelle surprised me even more than most pieces.

    I was at LV to pick up my perle heart purse (late... But vernis smells soooo good! It's amazing!) I think it was yesterday, and I also got a look at dentelle! It was SO different from the pictures! It's really sparkly and shiny and it stands out subtly. Especially the gold one compliments the canvas. IT's really wonderful, if you like florals and haven't been turned on by this yet, check out the nearest store. And get on the wait list, fast!

    I'm currently waitlisted for the Ludlow, but I probably won't be getting it, as I have no use for it at all and I need a break. But the design is awesome, nothing like the pictures. I'd recommend you to rush over to the store now and have a look! It's truly unique, pretty and fine craftmanship.
  2. Thanks for enabling :smile: I havent checked it out yet but I might now.
  3. I woke up this morning thinking about someone's french purse she posted yesterday, I don't live near a boutique... and, I hadn't liked it in the pics before, but I'm hearing ya, wish i could view it in person, wait. Maybe not...haha...
  4. ^

    I know what you mean. I've decided to go on a slight break atm as most of the summer stuff is out and there are no surprises luriking, but then I saw dentelle IRL and.. :sad: I haven't really decided NOT to get it yet, but.. I will try to stay strong. =P If anyone in the area wants it and the waiting list is turning long, go ahead and pm me. =)
  5. Need to go see it! think I'll go tomorrow :biggrin:
  6. no LV in bahrain. cant go see.. SOMEONE PLEASE Post pis when they get it so i can have alook
  7. I agree 100% you NEED to see it in real life forget you even saw pics because it looks nothing like it's a million times better!
  8. ^
    It looked really amazing, but the waitlist was still short. I think it was because the pictures weren't that amazing, it looked kind of dull. It'll probably be ripped away from stores once it hits the streets.

    I don't really think it will show in the pictures without going through some "sparkly filter" in photoshop.
  9. Yes!!! It is stunning!!! Yesterday I went to my LV store...I couldn't believe how beautiful it is! Amazing piece!
  10. The enablers are working their magic on me,,, yikes..... It seems to be very girly (which is a plus in my book)... and exotic ... compared to just the plain mono... oh, me starting to want.... ouch.

    Maybe this would be a good Hawaii purchase, but need to get a commuter flight to get to the LV store, gonna start working on that!
  11. Well you certainly got me interesting... I think I will need to pay a visit to my local LV!
  12. Has the Dentelle been released in London yet?
  13. Yeah, I was so dissapointed when many people here who saw dentelle said "poor craftmanship or not impressed". I saw Speedy in Gold and Silver, and I thought they are beautiful. I really loved treated patina handles.....color is so gorgeous.
  14. Yes, go see it! I fell in love after I saw it. :heart:
  15. I still think it's very feminine after all it's still LV. We may not like all the same lines. Each line has something noteable and worth a look IRL before saying 'nay'.