Dentelle Family Portraits

  1. I love my dentelle pochette wallet sooo much! Actually, love the design of the pochette wallet. I am very tempted to buy the plain mono, so I don't overuse my dentelle. It makes me feel sooo good whenever I take it out, plus it's just perfect for everything. Mick, the silver dentelle has a silvery grey inside, not tan like I said...

    anyhoo, took some family portraits sunday morning.. hope ya'll enjoy!:heart: vee
    Post Dentelle family portraits 004.jpg Post Buster Dentelle family portraits 005.jpg Post Lilly Dentelle family portraits 017.jpg
  2. Aww :shame: !!! So cute !!! :heart:
  3. And here's a couple more.... including my much loved couer...
    Post Louis 5 Dentelle family portraits 015.jpg Post Louis 3 Dentelle family portraits 012.jpg Post Louis 2 Dentelle family portraits 008.jpg Post Coeur  family portraits 009.jpg
  4. Awe, look at the fam they are fab!
  5. Haha I think when you have your special baby in the pics, it's hard to concentrate on the dentelle
  6. socute
  7. I am spending way too much time looking at louis then at the dentelle. He steals the show...cute lil thing
  8. Sorry, should I not put him in the pics??? I meant to show dentelle...haha... I'm such a temptress... sorry to lose your concentration on gorgeous dentelle, maybe I should have dressed him up in lace??? to accent dentelle...
  9. louis is a dolll. love him! :heart: the dentelle looks so pretty. what a nice surprise to have the grey interior...i like that so much about these pochette wallets....enjoy spring Vee!:flowers:
    ps miss dentelle made a cameo in my latest day in the life... check it out!:wlae:
  10. Oh, can't wait to see that...:yes:
  11. Veronika, I LVove your sweetie pug more than the dentelle!!! xx
  12. cute photos.
  13. Aww so cute.
  14. Vove it! the panda and the fuscia even more!
  15. Thanks Luva Pug! His name's Buster, he's a total glutton for love!