1. Thanks shalom!
  2. No worries ... I just want it to arrive at my store NOW;)
  3. A nice it like let-trade?
  4. Thanks alot for sharing!! :biggrin:
  5. Thanks for posting the link!
  6. i want the LV OE key chain on that website!!
  7. Thanks for sharing!
  8. do they actually sell online? how do you translate the prices??
  9. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Looks nice! Thanks for posting!
  11. cool!! thanks for posting!
  12. Thank you for sharing. It's our latest must-have, the Kirsten Gold!
  13. the pochette wallet is 114,450 yen. the quick and dirty way (to get a really rough idea) is to convert yen to $ is to move the decimal 2 spaces so the pochette wallet will be about $1144.50. at the actual conversion rate it is $966.69 (118 yen per dollar). ok so that's quite a big difference lol.

    yikes such high prices!
  14. Generally, LV is a little more expensive in Japan, hence the higher prices.
    I don't think the ship internationally though...probably just Japan.