Dentelle BH vs. Azur Saleya PM


Which bag is more useful/nicer?

  1. damier azur saleya pm

  2. bagitnolles dentelle tote

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  1. I have the dentelle BH new never used yet, but just ordered the azur saleya. I'm thinking both being totes may be too similar. The lines are completely different, but I would feel to guilty to have both. I also just bought an agenda, a zippie, an alma, and multicolor shoes, way too much spending.... So, my question is which would you all get/keep if you had the option of both?
  2. For value, I would keep the Saleya PM. So if you feel guilty about spending too much recently, that might help. But money aside, the Dentelle BH is more unique so if that's important to you, keep that. Hard to say...they're different enough IMO that you could justify keeping both :graucho:.
  3. I always like a Tote style and I have too many tote bags. Anyway, I also own other styles too. I don't think those two bag are similar but if you feel they are the same so keep only one. For me , I will keep azur as I never think dentelle line is nice.
  4. I would have to say the BH Dentelle, this line is LE, so unique and the craftsmanship is amazing! You will be able to get the Azur later, but the Dentelle once its gone its gone. THe Dentelle is so beautiful, I would keep it for sure!
  5. I personally prefer the Saleya (I have two!). But that is mainly because I'm not really in love with the lace on the Dentelle. I think that better LE lines will be out this fall.
  6. I'm all about zippered closures so I would keep the Saleya.
  7. LIke you said, different lines...........they both look nice tho...esp the dentelle BH is LE...........I know it's very hard to choose between them.....too bad you can't keep both....:push:

    But I would say Saleya since it's more practical for daily uses.:tup:
  8. saleya.
  9. azur gets my vote. I have this bag and love it.
  10. damier azur saleya pm!!!!!
  11. The Bagitnolles Dentelle Tote gets my vote.
  12. I like the Saleya! The dentelle is pretty but to me it's not as practical. I do, however, think it looks droolworthy on the BH (but not so much on the speedy, for whatever reason!) Now I'm confused. Sorry, I'm no help.
  13. saleya.
  14. I love the dentelle but not in the BH. I prefer the Saleya.
  15. I think I'm going to wait and see the saleya in person when it arrives. If I love it, then the Dentelle will go. I love the dentelle, its so beautiful and well made. I just don't know if I'll ever use it....