Dentelle BH & Speedy price

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  1. I just spoke to a rep at 866 vuitton and found out that the price of dentelle BH will be $1,720 and dentelle Speedy will be $1,420.

    :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    Ps. sorry if this info is already posted.
  2. OMG...cmon already! This is enough! Why can't they get their prices right....$1290 going up to $1420? This is ridiculous already!

    Can anyone else confirm this from their SAs? (sometimes 866 doesn't know what they're talking about)
  3. Wow, that is a big increase....I am going to call my SA to confirm.
  4. any price confirmations on the hampstead???
  5. Let us know what you find out Beana!
  6. Do most stores have the dentelle shipment in already? I want to preview it before I make the purchase. :sad:
  7. I've heard some stores are starting to get them in...not sure if all are.
  8. thanks for the info twiggers! Im soo excited and I cant wait to pick it up on 2/20. :smile:
  9. I just called my SA in Ca to double check it..and she told me the same price for BH is $1,720.
  10. Wow...that is expensive!! :wtf:
  11. The price has risen in the US it seems. Wonder whether that'll happen in Australia as well? Although I did talk to my SA yesterday and price seems not too too bad.
  12. I think the BH was always going to be $1720...but the speedy was hovering at $1290 last weekend when I was in (4 days ago).
  13. I was leary of buying it at $1200 @ $1700 LV can keep it. FORGET THAT!
  14. I know the price in Norway

    8590 or 8550 KR
  15. The BH had a price set of $1,610.00 before the increase.I can't believe LV actually thinks $130.00 increase on that Speedy is reasonable,afterall this line isn't that attractive.