Dentelle Batignolles --- keep it or not??

  1. I have a dillema --- I purchased the BH Dentelle (in silver) and haven't used it since. I bought it because all the leather parts are made of the Nomade leather so no need to worry about water stains. Besides it's a lovely bag. I really like it but it's sitting in my closet unused. I'm using my other LV's right now. Friend of mine wants to buy it from me and I really don't know what to do ?? I don't need the money but it's a shame that the bag sits in the closet..

    I appreciate your opinion all...

  2. if its unused and you are not likely to use it then i would sell it.
  3. Isn't Dentelle limited edition? If it is, then keep it for a while even though you're not using it. After LV stops making it, you could get a nice profit by selling it in mint condition. :p.
  4. If you haven't used it or have no intentions of using it, I would sell it since you already have someone who wants to buy it.
  5. ^I agree wait a while and don't use then sell it!
    If your not going to use it then you might aswell sell it.
  6. Yes, it's the limited. I think I will keep it (for now) :smile:
  7. Wear it, use it, LVoe it!!! It's such a great bag to be just sitting!
  8. Keep it, you might fall in love with her again :p
  9. if you are not using it, I would sell and buy something new.
  10. I just don't want to sell it and then regret that I did. Like with my Cerise Bucket. I sold it and then had to pay more $$$ to have it again...but I use my Cherries very often. Haven't used the Dentelle yet...

    Tough call..

  11. Let it appreciate.
  12. You bought it because you obviously loved something about at the time. Maybe that love will come back. I say keep it if you don't need the money.
  13. Why is it you're not using it, do you think? Maybe you just need to 'break the seal'.. if you take it out once, it might just feel more like your bag, rather than a brand new specimen to remain untouched..

    ..If you see what I mean! :push:

    Hmm well I guess what I mean (trying to explain it better here!) is that a brand new, LE item is sort of precious, and where there's the appreciation to consider that will no doubt happen, I think I'd maybe get stuck in that "should I / shouldn't I?" rut too. Take it out to dinner one night and use it. At least with the Nomade leather there's no patina to risk from light use, and being LE even a lightly used bag will still appreciate considerably.
  14. I sold it.

    After lots of thinking decided that it wasn't my style really. And I was pretty sure that the bag won't see any daylight anytime soon...

    Thank you for all your help :heart:
  15. I hope your friend enjoys her new bag. I think the dentelle line is very lovely, especially in person!