Dentelle bags????

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  1. For those who bought the Dentelle line how are they holding up? Are you still in love with them?
    It seems like nobody ever talks about Dentelle?????
  2. I have the dentelle speedy in silver and got it towards the end of last summer, I still use to often...its still holding up great and Im not one to baby my bags so I think the line is great:heart:....the lace design is very sturdy and I personally think its one of those lines that will always be memorable b/c it maintains the classic LV logo but has a touch of elegance due the lace design:tup:, which also allows it to stand out and be a little different...which I especially like.
  3. I have the dentelle speedy in silver and it's holding up great. I too think the lace is very sturdy. I've used it a lot and I haven't had any problems with it. I wish I got more of this line.
  4. i saw this IRL the other day at my chiro's office and it is I kinda want it, but seems pointless since I have a mono speedy already.
  5. I have the gold speedy and the pochette wallet, I don't use the bag much but looks great. I was scare that the lace will mess up but still good even in the wallet wich I've been abusing lately. :shame:
  6. i have a dentell batignolles and wallet..havent used them yet but i think having a dentelle is classy twist on the monogram that everyyone has
  7. I have the gold BH, it has gotten one snag but other than that it is holding up well. It's a great tote.
  8. I love it!
    I have gold speedy but I want silver speedy too.
    Actually I want to get Kristen but it's hard to get.
  9. Um......Honestly I think it's an ugly LV bag.
  10. I don't have any but I think they look great!
  11. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I remember thinking the same when I saw them in the book, but when I saw the speedy IRL at the LV Show I just loved it and was the 1 in the list lol. Is good to know I have a limited classy so close to my :heart:
  12. This doesn't really answer the question. So, since you posted I am assuming you have the bag and think it is ugly...I got that much. Well how is it holding up?
  13. I have the dentelle speedy in silver and I love it! I havent used another bag since I got it. I feel bad for my other ones :shame: I haven't had anything bad happen with it. Even the handles have stayed the same.
  14. The Dentelle line is just... stunning. My fave bag is the Kirsten.
  15. RIGHT???
    I love Kirsten!!!:tup: